Monday, April 14, 2014

38 Weeks

So, will we have any more pictures or not?  Only time will tell!  I still feel fine, so I wouldn't be surprised to be still pregnant in a week.  No swelling and I'm still wearing my wedding rings!  Last week at my appointment I had only gained .2lbs.  I expect that to be much larger this week.  As of my last appointment my total weight gain has been 27.5lbs.  I gained around 30lbs with Til, so I'm thinking I'll end up around the same this time.

The biggest news of this week is that I have everything on my Before Baby List, except for my hair appointment tomorrow, done!  Yep, I even sewed that book sling for Ted!  It really is an easy project -- less than 30 minutes of sewing.
*We actually took this picture yesterday because I liked my outfit.  I assure you I look the same right now, except my hair is in a ponytail and my outfit isn't as cute. ;)

Monday, April 7, 2014

37 Weeks

When I was pregnant with Tillie 37 weeks was considered "term", but now I think I don't make that until 39 weeks.  It's not likely, but really any time now she could come.  That's a little crazy.  My fingers are still crossed for next week Wednesday or Thursday -- after my hair appointment but we'd still be home from the hospital for Easter.  That's too perfect, so I'm sure it won't happen.

Looking at my online test results I'm positive for Group B Strep.  I'm pretty sure that all that means is I have to get to the hospital in time to get hardcore antibiotics.  I have probiotics on the shopping list to help prevent thrush from the antibiotics.  After Ted was born I needed some for my lactose intolerance, so it will be good to get a jump start anyway.

My appointment is tomorrow morning.  I suspect it will be uneventful.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Tillie and Teddy's Room To Do List

This is a work in progress.  I hope to have the "big" items done by August, but I know it will be awhile until everything is completed to my liking.
  • Making bunting
  • Hang bunting  - Move placement?
  • Buy/Switch out knobs on Ted's dresser
  • Move all Ted's clothes to the room
  • Find new non-pink rug
  • Buy Chase Your Dreams artwork
  • Make Ted's silhouette (at age 3)
  • Hang art print and silhouette
  • Move Tillie's art prints
  • Buy Ikea bunk bed
  • Paint Ikea bunk bed "Ruby Red"
  • Put bed together in room
  • Buy Teddy new sheets and a pillow
  • Sew Teddy's book sling
  • Move Tillie's book sling
  • Make/Find "shelf" for Tillie's top bunk
  • Switch out bottom row of baker's string to blue
  • Switch out items on shelves
  • Buy/Add coat hook for Ted

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In Which Tillie Thinks I'm Crazy

Amber: "Sometimes I think this baby is shaped like an octopus."
Tim: *laughs from the other room*
Teddy: "That not an octopus baby!"
Amber: "If I hadn't seen the ultrasound picture I'd think she has three legs!"
Tillie: "Mom?  I think that's 2 legs and an arm."

Monday, March 31, 2014

36 Weeks

Tomorrow is April!  Woohoo for due date month! I knocked a lot off my "Before Baby" list this week, which feels nice.  Out of the 4 things left, the book sling probably won't get done, unless the weather is spectacularly crappy during Spring Break and I get bored.  I think I'd rather make Tillie a new skirt though.

Yay, fake smile!  Hopefully only a few more of these pictures.  I've resorted to making Tillie or Ted stand behind Tim making funny faces so I can smile at them.  It still didn't work this time.

Tomorrow is my appointment and I'll be at one week appointments after this.  Now it finally feels like we're getting close.  I'm ready(not that I want her to come at 36 weeks!), but Tim would like some more time to work on his writing project.

Tonight we took Tillie to a Sibling Class at the hospital.  It was cute.  They learned a little bit about babies and got to see a hospital room.  Teddy wasn't old enough, so he stayed with Grandma and Kizie.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hospital Bags

Here's what I've packed this time around.

Baby Girl's Diaper Bag
- Homecoming outfit
- 2 blankets- cozy & muslin
- diapers & wipes (not needed, but a diaper bag without them seems weird!)
- MAM newborn pacifier (probably won't try until after we're home and breastfeeding is going well)
- 2 headbands (if I feel like taking some newborn pictures)
* If we were doing a baby book I'd include that for footprints.

Teddy's Grandma Suitcase
- Big Brother outfit for visiting hospital
- 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of jeans
- diapers & wipes
- sound machine
- nuk & extra blanket
- 2 pairs of pajamas

Tillie's Grandma Suitcase
- Big Sister outfit for visiting hospital
- 1 school outfit, 1 home/play outfit + hair clips & necklace
- underwear
- 2 pairs of pajamas
- mini flashlight
*Things to add: Her long list of toys she needs to take and a blanket.
*If my mom/dad need anything else for them they'll rewash clothes or stop at my house.

Amber's Hospital Suitcase
- Pajamas/cardigan for after the birth
- Clothes to wear home (maternity jeans, nursing tank, cardigan)
- Cord Blood Donation Kit
- Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, body wash, contacts/solution/case, deodorant, toothpaste/toothbrush, hair ties, headband, chapstick, lotion, nail clippers, Zyrtec/Vitamins, make-up, etc.)
- Bananagrams
- Snacks for Tim(It fits better in my bag.)
*Things to add: phone/charger, camera(s)/charger(s), kindle/magazine

Tim's Hospital Bag
- white shirt for foot prints
- jeans, polo, t-shirt, pajama pants, long-sleeved pull-over
*Things to add: Laptop/iPad backpack, phone/charger, toiletries, book

Thursday, March 27, 2014

That Ted

Yesterday our friend Rich was over and we convinced him that he needed to make a video for the adventure race at Camp in a month.  Teddy thought this was hilarious and was confused by Rich's fake harmonica sound at the end.  I just love his expressions.

Monday, March 24, 2014

35 Weeks

35 weeks down, 35 days until my due date!  If this girl is like Tillie(*fingers crossed?*) she'll be here in 3.5 weeks.  If she's like Ted, 4.5 weeks.  If she's going on her own trail it could be anywhere from 2(yikes, I'll pass on that) or 6-7(yikes, I'll pass on 2 weeks overdue as well.) weeks.  When do you think she'll come?  Enter your guesses HERE!  The prize is that I'll forever remember you as the winner.  I mean, who wouldn't want that?

I've been making some good progress on my "Before Baby List".  My bag is half packed and I have one shirt for Tim.  I have one more freezer meal I'd like to make and then I'll just pick up frozen pizzas, mac n cheese, etc.  Tim can also make some meals, so we'll be good.  I also placed a large order of sandwiches from Kizie's CalvinettesGems sale, so I'll have those for easy lunches for me while breastfeeding, if I can get them in the freezer before I try to eat them all now...  It's only a little over a month after my due date that we move to Camp, so I won't have to make food when I'm there.

As of last week I've gained 25lbs.  I don't have an appointment again until April 1, but I'm already thinking that will go up a bit.  I feel rather large lately and EVERYTHING sounds good to eat.  I'm just very hopeful that breastfeeding/weight loss will go easily after this on like it did after Ted.  If not?  Well, I have a lot of yoga waistband skirts for summer. ;)  She's still head down-ish, but I know she moves a bit from that because of where I feel hiccups.  She's definitely still high and floating around, but I'm not worried about her being breech because I'm pretty sure her head is always in the bottom half.

I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea yesterday.  Tim keeps making fun of it because the box says is "Supports the Female System".  It doesn't taste that bad(it's not raspberry flavored as it's made from the leaves instead of the fruit) so I figure it can't hurt.  It's not suppose to put me into labor early, but supposedly helps make labor more effective by strengthening the uterus.  So, when I'm drinking tea I can say I'm exercising.  Totally counts.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I paid $22 for this size 2 dress from a Matilda Jane Platinum sale when Tillie was 3 months old.  I think I've gotten my money's worth out of it.

1 year, 4 months

1 year, 11 months

2 years, 4 months

3 years, 4 months

4 years, 3 months

4 years, 10.5 months

The days of Tillie wearing this dress are obviously numbered, but it won't be too long before her little sister can wear it.  Luckily, Tillie LOVES the idea of her sister wearing her old clothes.  Let's hope little sister doesn't mind girly-girl clothes!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Cookies!

Obviously the natural reaction to only gaining half a pound in the last 2 weeks is to make 8 dozen cookies.

Since we're staying home today I let anything go clothing-wise.  Hence Tillie with double ginormous bows and fire fighter pajamas on Ted.

At least I put half of the cookies in the freezer already?

Monday, March 17, 2014

34 Weeks

One and a half months until my due date!  Now, it finally feels like we're getting somewhere.  I even checked a few items of my "before baby" list this week.  My appointment is tomorrow, but I don't expect much info from it besides how much weight I've gained.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

Lists help me.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something, so I'm sure I'll add to this list.  Really, it's not that bad.  Many of the things don't have to be done before the baby arrives, but it would be easier to do them now.  (The best part is that nothing on this list has to be done by Tim, he's crazy busy with school and a big writing project that's due just after the baby is.)

  • Pack hospital/grandma bags (Amber, Tim, Tillie, Teddy, Baby)
  • Order pajamas for me while in the hospital
  • Buy a new nursing tank or two
  • Buy one or two packs of newborn diapers
  • Get Rock n Play, Bouncer and Stroller Car Seat Adaptor from attic
  • Wash Rock n Play
  • Wash newborn girl clothes
  • Sew bunting for Tillie & Teddy's new room 
  • Sew fabric for Teddy's book sling
  • Switch out the kids winter to spring clothes  (Weather, I'm asking you to help me here...)
  • Install infant car seat base in the van
  • Make a few freezer meals/snacks - cheesy potatoes, tortellini bake, spring cookies, pasta meat sauce(x2), mannicotti
  • Vacuum van
  • Buy Tillie's birthday presents
  • Finish all Tillie's schoolwork - magazine letters, boat
    Get eyebrows threaded
  • Get a pedicure (scheduled - 4/10)
  • Get my hair colored (scheduled - 4/15)

Monday, March 10, 2014

33 Weeks

I'm feeling pretty lazy lately.  Picking up the living just doesn't appeal.  Yeah, I don't know why I don't feel like crawling on the ground or bending to pick everything up either.  I did do it today though!

I'd like to start washing some of the baby clothes from the attic, but a lot of them have yellow baby stains.  I really need to be able to hang them to dry, but the 2 feet of snow in my backyard isn't cooperating with this plan, even if there are some nearly 50* days this week.  (And more 25*!  I think that's good though, it will be better if the snow melts slowly for flooding problems.)  I might try Friday afternoon in the driveway with a drying rack.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Little Sister's Homecoming Outfit

We have her outfit set!  The first piece I bought was the Peter Rabbit for babyGap hat.  I thought it would be perfect for a baby due around Easter.  (And, okay, I bought it before I was pregnant "just in case".  I just really loved it and found it on clearance for pretty cheap.  The timing just worked out perfectly to be a homecoming hat.)  Since this winter is never ending I suspect that even the second half of April will be pretty chilly, so I found the coordinating Peter Rabbit jacket and pants on eBay.  None of the bodysuits from that line wowed me.  Yesterday at Gap I found this newborn bodysuit for super-cheap.  The socks were on sale too, but since they're 0-3m I'm sure they'll be too big.  Oh well, they match so she's wearing them.  Tillie asked me why it said "hello"(Um, since when can my 4 year old read cursive?) and I told her it was because the baby would be new to meeting everyone and would want to say hello.  She thought that was hilarious!  The Petunia Pickle Bottom blanket was a shower gift when I had Tillie.  I like the idea of her using something that both of her siblings had used since we had to get a new car seat.  If there's a random heat wave(Ha!) I have an Aden + Anais blanket for her. (p.s. I bought it from Amazon as an "open box" for a lot less than that!)

My favorite part is that with the bodysuit, it ties the coral/orange in Tillie and Ted's Carter's big sibling shirts together.  Look how well my kiddos will match.

Having her homecoming outfit ready makes me even more excited for her arrival.  At 32 weeks it's not quite time to start washing clothes and packing the hospital bags yet.  Maybe the end of this month.

Monday, March 3, 2014

32 Weeks

We're going on a tour of the hospital tonight.  Yes, it's the same place I had Tillie and Teddy, but they have a new "Women's Health Center" so they recommended another tour.  I was really excited about the tour the first time, this time all I'm wondering is where we should park when when the time comes.

8 weeks until my due date!