Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chair Pushing

Beatrix doesn't cruise along furniture, but I think this is the same skill.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

11 Months

Sleep:  She's in bed from 7-7 at night.  Now that she can turn the light on, she does often.  So, we know she wakes up and plays in the night, but falls back asleep.  Sometimes after 5 I hear her playing, but I just turn off the monitor and Tim turns the light off when he get up.  She can almost skip her morning nap, but really needs at least 15 minutes.  If we're home I put her in bed at 9:30, but if we're out and about I just hope she falls asleep for a bit.  She usually does.

Food: 11 months means we can start "milking down" her formula bottles!  I'm so excited about buy less formula.  She eats table food for most meals. but if she doesn't eat enough at dinner we give her some yogurt or baby food.  Her favorites are raspberries, shredded cheddar cheese, yogurt, grilled cheese and broccoli.  I'm trying to get her used to a sippy cup, but so far she's not awesome at it.

Play:  She's waved "hi", "bye" for a while now, but this last month she's really gotten into it and does it at appropriate times.  She can sign "more" and "all done", "all done" being her favorite.  She loves to have us count to three and pretend to drop her.  She loves the anticipation and starts giggling when you get to 2.  She wants to have whatever her brother and sister have and always steals there things and crawls as fast as she can whenever the door to their room is open.

Movement: She can stand by a chair, push it across the room and walk with it, but doesn't try to cruise along furniture much.  She pulls up on anything she finds and easily sits herself back down.

Size: She's wearing 6-12m and 12-18m clothes.  The 12-18 are still a little big, but that's good because I want them to fit all summer!  Diapers are size 4 and shoes are a 3 or 6-12m.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Tomorrow night the kids are sleeping over at Grandma's.  (Tim and I have LaughFest tickets!)  They asked for their suitcases and a bit later they came out of their room all packed.

Blanket, clothes for Saturday, a few pairs of underwear, pajamas, lip gloss and a book.  She told me she'd add Rosie(her bear) when it was time to leave.  I'll probably just add a tank for under the shirt and call it good.

Spiderman bag from his scooter, Henry the hedgehog, blanket, book, toy water sword, Ken doll, felt tools, part of a dinosaur Imaginext, Imaginext guy, a couple pull-ups, a few a pairs of underwear, clothes for Saturday, pajamas and slippers.  And then a whole random pile of toys and weird pieces in the zip-pocket.  I'll probably take out most of the toys and add an extra outfit.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Musical Kitty-Cat

Tillie came home from school on Tuesday asking me to mark the Cs on our piano.  She said she needed it for the Kitty-Cat song from music.  I was busy then, but I asked Tim to do it tonight during dinner.  He asked Tillie why, and she said it was for this song, which she sang.  (I made her do it again after dinner for the video.  She actually did better the first time!)

Then she wanted to try to play it on the piano.  She though she could figure it out since she played it on a xylophone at school.
Tim and I are just a little big proud.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mr. Fix-It

"Mommy, I just found this broken."
"Okay, I'll look at it."
"No, I can fix it on my tool bench."

And he seriously put the handle back on!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One Day App

I found a cute app that easily makes kid videos.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 Months

This silly girl is 10 months old today!
Sleep: She's still a 7-7 girl.  She wakes a little before then, but we don't get her out of bed until 7.  (She's playing, not crying.)  Her morning nap is getting a lot shorter and she's fine if it's only 15 minutes in the car.  If we're home, it's usually 1-2 hours.  Her afternoon nap is at 1:30 and it ends anywhere between 3:15-4:30.

Food:  Bottles are still exactly the same, 6oz at 7:30, 11:30, 4 and 6:45.  Ocasionally she doesn't finish them anymore.  For lunch she usually eats something in her highchair.  Dinner is whatever we're having and depending on how much she ate we give her a jar of something.  Her favorites are broccoli, cheese, berries, pasta and bread.  She feeds herself very well.  She's just starting drinking out of a sippy cup.

Play:  Her favorite things to play with are whatever Tillie and Teddy have at that particular moment.  She likes to make a "pop" noise with her lips and still loves peek-a-boo.  She LOVES shoes, specifically a pink pair she has that have a bow on them.  She likes to mimic sounds we make, or have us mimic her.  She puts EVERYTHING into her mouth.  Of course this is my third kid with a million tiny accessories on the ground from the older two.

Movement:  Just this past week she started pulling up on things, and she's been doing it all day long now.  She can get into even more things!

Size: She's wearing mostly 6-12m items, but I've put a few smaller 12-18m things on her since I know they probably won't fit her next September/October when it's cooler again.  Size 4 diapers, which I'm sure she'll be in for a long time now.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

1 Second Everyday

Here's my January compilation!  The quality is poor, but hopefully I can get a better copy before the year is out.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Indoor Shoes

I pulled Tillie out of bed tonight because I found a sweet deal on shoes that would work great for indoor school shoes next year.  There were three pairs available in her size and I wanted to know which ones she liked best.

"Well, I like two of them, the blue and the pink.  But, I want the blue ones because I don't want a shoe in my favorite color for 1st grade.  My favorite colors are red, pink and yellow."

"Oh, you think your favorite color might change?"

"No, I don't want to wear my favorite color on a shoe if I'm already wearing it.  Can I go back to bed now?"

"Yes, goodnight!"

To Tim - "She made a really good point, blue shoes are more likely to go with her outfit when she's wearing pink, red or yellow."

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nine Months

Sleep:  Beatrix goes to bed at 7pm and we get her up for the day betwen 7:00-7:30am.  Some days she sleeps all night, some days she does not.  I don't feel tired every day anymore, so that's a good thing.  She takes one 15-90 minute nap around 9:30 and takes another 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.

Food: She takes 4 6oz bottles a day and loves to eat "real" food.  She eats a full meal at dinner and something small at lunch.  Right now her favorites are broccoli, shredded cheese, spaghetti, cooked carrots and veggie straws.  We still feed her purees, but she would rather eat what we're having.  I've just introduced her to pureed pouches, which will be nice when we're on the go.

Play: She's clapped before, but this week she's been clapping ALL DAY LONG.  She loves it, especially if you comment on the fact that she's clapping.  (Obviously that calls for more clapping.)  She sometimes waves.  She's been getting louder and likes to make Ma-ma-ma and La-la-la sounds, among others.  She still enjoys her jumperoo, but only if someone is watching her congratulating her on her great jumping skills.  She smiles at everyone in grocery stores and makes friends wherever she goes.

Movement:  She crawls all over the house now.  Miraculously, she waiting until after Christmas, so we took our tree down shortly after the 25th.  She is starting to try to pull up, but usually stops when she gets to her knees.  She easily gets herself into a sitting position on her own.

Size: On our home scale she's still just over 20lbs.  Her appointment is on Tuesday, so I'll update this then.  I packed away the 9m(6-9m) clothes a couple weeks ago because she was too tall for them.  She fits into 6-12 and 12m(9-12m) clothes nicely.  She's wearing 6-12m shoes and I moved up to size 4 diapers(But that was mostly a logistics thing, I think size 3 would fit for about a month still.).  Her first tooth finally popped through on Wednesday and other is half-way through today.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Easter Shopping

"Tillie, which dress is your favorite?"

"My favorite is... all of them."

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Pictures, 2014

In January it snowed.  And it snowed.  The first two days back from Christmas break were snow days, along with others in the month.  It was also wicked cold.

There was still a lot of snow in February, but on the 18th it was 44*.  That felt warm enough to my kids to not want coats.  The sun was out and I couldn't argue.

Tillie did 6 weeks of dance at the Wyoming Parks and Rec.  Because of the snow days one was canceled and it pushed the recital into March.  In other words(in case you forgot already), this winter was snow and more snow and cold.  Forever.

April 17 brought the cutest baby born this year.  She's not as snugly(she'd rather be moving) and her hair isn't as dark, but she's still the cutest girl who loves her blankies and pacifiers.

Tillie turned 5 in May.  She also "graduated" from preschool.

Like we always do in June, we moved to Camp.  I also made sure the kids got to do other fun summer things like visit the local farmer's market to get fresh Michigan strawberries.

With Tim's huge writing project from the first half of the year finally completed in July he did a lot of projects around the house like refacing our front steps, cleaning out the "dog-run" and putting together a campsite for the kids to play with.  Tillie and Teddy ran a mini-Camp out here, ringing the bells for their meals and everything.

The long-awaited bunk beds for Teddy and Tillie's new shared room arrived in August.  Teddy dropped the screws in all the slats for Tim to tighten.  I was a little nervous about how bed time and nap time would go, but the transition couldn't have been smoother.  They really love being together.  I still have to share pictures of their room, but I have to finish the decorating first(like making Ted's silhouette).

Tillie started Kindergarten in September.  He was a little jealous when we first left her on the playground, but he's quite fond of running errands with just Beatrix and me.  She can't talk, so he gets to make most of the the choices.  I think they were both happy to see each other again when we picked Til up on the first day.

My boy, who gets angry if you refer to him as baby, turned 3 in October.  We made a lot of trips downtown to ArtPrize, which all the kids enjoyed.

November brought a white Thanksgiving.  I don't think anyone was really surprised when it started snowing in November.  It just seemed par for the course for the year.  Beatrix didn't really seem to care one way or another about the snow, but once we got her out in the sled she really enjoyed it.

There's been no snow really in December, which was totally weird, but I'll be honest and say I kind of liked it.  I think I'm still scarred from last winter and am just enjoying wearing ballet flats instead of Uggs.  Among many other festive outings and parties, we went to the Gardens to see the trains and trees.  These three are so much fun.

Happy New Year!  While I haven't gotten much sleep this year, I wouldn't trade a single minute.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Stockings, 2014

Here's what my kids will find in their stockings this year.

Little People Hedgehog set
Wood ring teether
Little People Cinderella & Prince Charming
Camelbak water bottle
BlaBla bird rattle
Mam pacifiers
Sweet Potato puffs
Doll dress

Batman Build-A-Bear costume
Cars Band-Aids
Hello Kitty Pocky Sticks
Doll outfit
Flynn Fire Engine train
Mike the Knight Klip-Klop
Spiderman glow stick
Mini Mentos
Schleich baby tiger
Yogurt raisins

Fairy puzzle
Frozen Band-Aids
Mini Mentos
Hello Kitty doll outfit
Gymboree necklace and bracelet
Frozen Spot It!
Hello Kitty Pocky Sticks
Schleich baby hippo
Yogurt raisins
Build-A-Bear outfti
crewcuts glitter purse

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

8 Months

Sleep:  I think it's better.  Sometimes I sleep through her waking and Tim get up and gives her a pacifier.  Sometimes I hear hear and turn off the monitor.  She goes to bed around 7 and we get her up for the day around 7:15.  Every morning between 5:30-6:15 she wakes and Tim gives her back her pacifier.  She takes 2 naps at 9:30 and 1:30.

Food:  Nothing has really changed since last month, but we have given her more "real" food.  She loves everything so far, but so did my other now picky kids at this age.  She's quite good at picking up food and feeding herself.

Play:  She loves stealing toys from her siblings and putting everything in her mouth.  She loves playing peek-a-boo and laughing at you.  She makes a lot of sounds and loves to screech.

Movement:  She's getting pretty close to crawling and has the longest reach you can imagine.  If she has a wall or couch to push up against she can get into a sitting position from her stomach.  She's quite proud of herself when she does that!  I've caught her trying to clap once or twice, but she's not consistent yet.

Size:  On our scale at home she's 20lbs.  She wearing 6-12m with room for growth.  9m pants are starting to get too short.  She can still wear 3-6m shoes, but they're pretty tight(I need them for Christmas outfits, so she just needs to stay the same for one more week!).  I started giving her the 6+ pacifiers, but she still uses the 2+ more often.  She wears size 3 diapers.  Still no teeth.