Thursday, March 5, 2015


Tomorrow night the kids are sleeping over at Grandma's.  (Tim and I have LaughFest tickets!)  They asked for their suitcases and a bit later they came out of their room all packed.

Blanket, clothes for Saturday, a few pairs of underwear, pajamas, lip gloss and a book.  She told me she'd add Rosie(her bear) when it was time to leave.  I'll probably just add a tank for under the shirt and call it good.

Spiderman bag from his scooter, Henry the hedgehog, blanket, book, toy water sword, Ken doll, felt tools, part of a dinosaur Imaginext, Imaginext guy, a couple pull-ups, a few a pairs of underwear, clothes for Saturday, pajamas and slippers.  And then a whole random pile of toys and weird pieces in the zip-pocket.  I'll probably take out most of the toys and add an extra outfit.

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