Friday, April 17, 2015

12 Months - Happy Birthday Beatrix!

And just like that, my baby turned one.

Sleep:  Not too much has changed.  I'm thankful she hasn't given up the morning nap yet.

Food:  She's fully on whole milk and happily drinks it cold.  I was a little worried about that since she always took warm formula.  She loves real food and we don't spoon feed her very often, she'd rather do it herself from a pouch.  Her favorites are raspberries, cheese, broccoli, popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches and graham cracker goldfish.

Play:  She's starting to do a lot more of "playing" with toys instead of just putting everything in her mouth.  She likes driving cars and hugging dolls.  She tries to say Mama, Dada, More and All Done.  She LOVES animals and being outside.

Movement:  She walks across rooms by pushing chairs or doll strollers and cruises along furniture.  She can use the tiniest bit of a stable object to stand herself up and has super-long limbs to reach EVERYTHING.  She climbed up two stairs at my brother's house, but she hasn't had more opportunities to test out that skill.  She doesn't like to, but if I balance her standing and let go she can stand for a couple seconds they gently sits herself down.

Size:  She's 22lbs .5oz and 29.5".  She's still wearing a lot of 6-12m things, but I should really weed them out and switch over to 12-18m.  There are just a few things I'm not ready to pack up yet!  Her shoe size is 4.

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