Saturday, July 12, 2014

$1 Sale

Hey! We're still alive and well, but limited computer options make it harder to post from Camp.  Everyone is tired and crabby today, so I have time during naps to post.

Even though it's a crazy madhouse I decided to brave Once Upon a Child's $1 sale this morning. We made a quick zip through the store and here's what found.
I almost put this Gymboree romper back a couple times, but it finally made the cut when I realized there are little bees on it along with the lemons.  I don't want to go crazy about bee items for Bea, but when they're subtle like that I'll do it.  The purple shirt is 18-24m Tea and I'm pretty sure I have pants that match it already.  The last 2 dresses are Baby Lulu.  The yellow should fit this fall and the pink this winter.  The terry skirt should make it cozy.  Tillie really liked that one.

This sale really has the most options for little kids, so since most of Bea's clothes are Tillie's 5 year old hand-me-downs I don't feel bad buying her a few "new" things.  The first Gymboree jumper came with the bodysuit and a diaper cover(6-12m).  The Gymboree sailor dress is 12-18m and should look a lot better after I steam it out.  The flowered dress is linen and Gap.  I've noticed that a lot of the pale blue items that look great on Tillie aren't as pretty on Bea, so this bright flowered dress will be great on hot days next summer.  The Tea tunic is the only thing I got for Til.  It's a 5 and looks huge, but I think it will be super-cute with boots and skinny jeans.

The first three dresses are all size 6-12m.  The pink dress is Angel Dear.  Beatrix looks lovely in rosy pink.  The gold Gap dress matches a skirt Tillie has for this Christmas.  The Pretty Jersey Dress is Baby Boden.  It alone was worth braving the crowds for.  I'd been to OUAC last wee when the sale items were all 50% off and didn't see this dress then.  I totally would have bought it.  I've always wanted a dress in this style -- this one is from last year and looks to be in great shape.  The white eyelet dress is Gap and will also look better after a steam.  I'm a sucker for pretty white dresses.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I have a very similar dress in ivory already.

I'm dying to go to the other store, but it's a busy day at Camp, so I guess I'll check it out Monday afternoon.  Hopefully I can still find some great things.  Oh!  And Ted got 2 swim suits, but I didn't have hangers so you don't get pictures.

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