Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 Months

Happy 3 months little girl!  We moved home from Camp today and Tim realized that at this point she's spent half of her life there!

She's a happy girl who love to smile and tries so hard to laugh.  She gets a few chuckles out every now and then.  She typically wakes up once a night to eat and it's getting easier to get her right back to sleep.  She doesn't have a typical day of naps, but I can sense that's coming.  She's on 100% formula now and takes 4oz bottles.  We just moved her into size 2 diapers, but size 1 still fits, just not over night.  I didn't want to get stuck with  half a box that wouldn't fit so we just decided to size up.  She wears 0-3m clothes, but a few one-piece outfits are getting too short.  She spits up a lot after eating, but nothing as annoying as Teddy did.  She still loves her pacifier(just switched from 0+ to 0-6m) and muslin blankies.

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