Monday, April 14, 2014

38 Weeks

So, will we have any more pictures or not?  Only time will tell!  I still feel fine, so I wouldn't be surprised to be still pregnant in a week.  No swelling and I'm still wearing my wedding rings!  Last week at my appointment I had only gained .2lbs.  I expect that to be much larger this week.  As of my last appointment my total weight gain has been 27.5lbs.  I gained around 30lbs with Til, so I'm thinking I'll end up around the same this time.

The biggest news of this week is that I have everything on my Before Baby List, except for my hair appointment tomorrow, done!  Yep, I even sewed that book sling for Ted!  It really is an easy project -- less than 30 minutes of sewing.
*We actually took this picture yesterday because I liked my outfit.  I assure you I look the same right now, except my hair is in a ponytail and my outfit isn't as cute. ;)


mamacatKS said...

:) Adorable as always! <3

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