Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

Lists help me.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something, so I'm sure I'll add to this list.  Really, it's not that bad.  Many of the things don't have to be done before the baby arrives, but it would be easier to do them now.  (The best part is that nothing on this list has to be done by Tim, he's crazy busy with school and a big writing project that's due just after the baby is.)

  • Pack hospital/grandma bags (Amber, Tim, Tillie, Teddy, Baby)
  • Order pajamas for me while in the hospital
  • Buy a new nursing tank or two
  • Buy one or two packs of newborn diapers
  • Get Rock n Play, Bouncer and Stroller Car Seat Adaptor from attic
  • Wash Rock n Play
  • Wash newborn girl clothes
  • Sew bunting for Tillie & Teddy's new room 
  • Sew fabric for Teddy's book sling
  • Switch out the kids winter to spring clothes  (Weather, I'm asking you to help me here...)
  • Install infant car seat base in the van
  • Make a few freezer meals/snacks - cheesy potatoes, tortellini bake, spring cookies, pasta meat sauce(x2), mannicotti
  • Vacuum van
  • Buy Tillie's birthday presents
  • Finish all Tillie's schoolwork - magazine letters, boat
    Get eyebrows threaded
  • Get a pedicure (scheduled - 4/10)
  • Get my hair colored (scheduled - 4/15)

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