Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wrapping Paper

Every year I buy my wrapping paper 50-70% off after Christmas for the following year.  The last few years I've been disappointed when December rolls around and I pull out what I have.  This year's paper is great in theory, but it's "eh" to me.

Butcher paper, baker's twine, woodland animals -- it's definitely "on trend", but the paper I bought doesn't crease very well so most of the packages look kind of janky.  And, baker's twine is pretty fiddly to work with.  (Part of the problem maybe the lack of J. Crew boxes I wrapped this year.  They really are nicer.)

I let Tillie look at some of the old paper remnants when I was wrapping her teacher/classroom gift.  After I was done I realized this was more what I love.  Big grosgrain ribbon and fun colored paper.  I told Tim I think I'm going to look for metallic paper for next year.  We'll see if I'm happy with that next year.

Ironically, this paper is from the last time I complained about my choice.  I still have a little bit of that Papyrus ornament paper that I just can't use because I love it so much.

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