Friday, December 20, 2013

Stockings, 2013

Here's what the kids will find in their stockings this year.  I pick these things up when I find good sales over the year and raid the "gift closet" when it's time to fill the stockings.

-Lalaloopsy purse with lipgloss inside
-Scoops Waffle Cone lipgloss
-Lalaloopsy Mirco Mystery packs
-Crayola Bright Colors
-Small notepad
-Gold glitter bow headband
-Hello Kitty necklace and bracelt
-Plum Raspberry/Yogurt/Spinach pouch

-Play-Doh Cutter (I did have to take this out of the packaging)
-Small Monster's University notebook
-Plum Pear/Green Bean/Yougurt pouch
-Beginner colored pencils
-Matchbox fire truck
-Lalaloopsy Kitty B. Brave
-Wheelies fire truck
-Imaginext mystery figure
-Cars phone

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