Monday, October 21, 2013

13 Weeks

Well, this is kind of ridiculous.  This is an actual maternity shirt and jeans, so that probably emphasizes the belly more than normal.  I'm starting to have more energy, but still not a ton.  This weekend was very busy with out of town friends visiting for our college 10 year reunion.  I had a lot of fun, but I was exhausted Sunday.  I couldn't even stay up to watch the last 20 minutes of the Project Runway finale last night.  (Online, we don't get Lifetime.)  So, I still don't know who won.  Hopefully we'll finish that tonight.

"They" tell you to schedule your prenatal classes before you end your first trimester because they fill up early.  I kind of feel like that's a self-fulfilling prophesy.  That said, we have a hospital tour scheduled for next March. (I could have gotten in for November or December, that seemed a little early...) They redid it and now there's a Women's Center entrance and no nursery, so I thought we should check it out.  (No nursery is apparently "baby friendly".  It's not so "mama friendly" in my book!)  I also tried to schedule Tillie for a Sibling class, but they don't have the 2014 schedule done.  So much for scheduling it early.  They're going to call me when it's time to schedule her.


Cara said...

I sent Jackson to the nursery...that must be a very recent change.

Amber Leugs said...

Man! I was going to ask you about it. The nurse mentioned sending them for "observation" for an hour or two, but it doesn't sound like it's very strongly suggested.

I loved sending them for the first three hour chunk at night. I would sleep better and they would come back smelling clean from a bath.

Cara said...

Maybe they didn't have a problem with it for me since it was a c-section so recovery is more demanding?? I don't know. I just said that I absolutely needed to sleep and to please take him, and they did. Middle of the day too, for a good nap after they woke me up repeatedly the night before. I hate rooming in.

Hope said...

There is something really great about seeing you doing this pose again--like the familiar rhythm of changing seasons or something.

This is probably a silly question, but is it typical to do classes each time you give birth to brush up? I still remember the sibling class I went to when my sister was born.

Also, interesting about changes to the maternity ward. In my neurobiology books, I've read that being out of close physical proximity to mom is really stressful on a newborn's nervous system, so it makes sense for that reason, but I never thought about the mom! :) I hope they have more nursing staff to provide comparable relief and help to mom, but in the room!

Amber Leugs said...

With Tillie I did breastfeeding classes, childbirth classes and a hospital tour all from Spectrum. With Teddy I did nothing. This is the first time Tillie's been old enough for a sibling class, but if we have a 4th I could see myself sending her again because Teddy would be old enough to go.

I do believe in the benefits of rooming in, but some of the information they gave me doesn't ring true. They said the mother sleeps better when the baby is in the room. My kids don't seem to like to sleep lying flat in a bassinet so I kind of end of co-sleeping in the hospital which I don't feel safe about on those beds.

They did say that there's one-on-one nursing staff for the baby an me, but I thought they had that before. We'll be fine, but I'll miss the three hours of good sleep from 9-11:30pm. :)

Heather said...

We sent Kaylin to the nursery (even though they said during the tour they no longer have one) for 4 hours the second night. I just really needed some good sleep. I never saw the old nursery, but they had a small nursery still on our floor. When I went for my daily loops around the floor there was almost always at least 1 baby in there.

Amber Leugs said...

Awesome, thanks for the tip, Heather!