Monday, October 28, 2013

14 Weeks

Hey, want to hear a broken record?  I'm still tired!  However, it's not like it was a few weeks ago when getting dressed and bringing Tillie to school took all my energy.  I'm typically getting one errand done a day and usually one room picked up.  Full meals at night are still hit or miss, but no one's complaining so I think we're doing okay.

Tomorrow  I have a doctor's appointment, so hopefully I'll be able to report back with the heart rate and that I haven't gained too much weight.  Ted also has a doctor's appointment in the morning, so it's a doctor day!  That means I get to take Ted (and Til) with me after vaccinations/flu shots.  It should be interesting.  I call Ted falling asleep on the way to my appointment.  Today for the first time it seems Tillie noticed my belly.  "Woah Mommy, sorry I bumped your big tummy."  Thanks?  She's also still insistent that the baby will be a girl.  Since I've told her it could be a boy she tells Tim that I think it is a boy.  I'm going with it so at least she will kind of see it as a possibility.

I wore a non-striped shirt today.  You're welcome.  Although I am wearing yoga pants.

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Sandy Z said...

I say that you are going to be having another "girl" in the post where you display from all 3 pregnancies your belly is similar when you were carrying Tillie (in my opinion)