Friday, August 9, 2013

We Got A Lot Done

Last week Saturday Tim left on a week long backpacking and white water rafting trip with friends and family.  Til, Ted and I chilled at home, but we did a lot too.

Saturday morning we went to Holland with my mom and Kiz.  Blueberries were purchased from the farmer's market.

On Sunday we saw real life firetrucks, again with my mom and Kiz. (My dad was on the trip too.)

Every morning during the week Tillie had Spanish Camp.  Ted and I got to run errands from 9-10:30 while Tillie was there. (I think we went to Meijer 3 times...)

During the week I mowed the lawn - twice, washed ALL the laundry, put all the camp bins up in the attic, cleaned the whole house, vacuumed my car, started a scanning project.  I also kept the children alive, happy and fed.  (Dude, I even took them to Toys R Us and got them to leave without causing too much of a scene when we didn't buy anything. Teddy...)

Yesterday it was finally warm enough to try out the new "water snake" my mom gave them.

This morning we went downtown to the farmer's market, mostly because I wanted macarons.  Luckily the kids love them too.

Interestingly enough, I took Ted to the Metro Health farmer's market on Thursday.  I just realized that we went to 3 markets within a week!

Tim should be home in about 2 hours.  Tomorrow morning at 10am I have a mani/pedi scheduled.  I even upgraded to the midgrade version.  I can't wait to sit for an hour without someone asking me for a snack.  Then my dad's babysitting so Tim and I can go to a wedding.  Tomorrow is going to be awesome.  I can't wait to wear my new dress.

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