Monday, August 5, 2013

Crafty Projects

Camp has a Christmas in July(usually August) party for the staff.  A lot of people exchange names for a handmade gift exchange.  Here are the two gifts Tim and I made.

I had the person who runs the Camp store and does a variety of other things at Camp in the summer.  I heard him say that this year's staff shirt was his favorite thing he's ever done, so I decided to use one to make a dress for his daughter!  I hid it from Tillie the whole time I was working on it, but the day of the party I wanted to use her as a model for the photos.  "Oh!  I've never worn that one before!"  When I told her we were going to give it to Chloe she said, "Oh... okay."
I took the shirt with me to the store to try to find fabric to match, but there just wasn't anything that looked good.  The neon was hard to match.  Then I remembered I still had this nature-y fabric from when I made Tillie a dress 2 years ago.  It's a great match!  The lettuce edge was a new things I've never done before, but it turned out really cute.  I'll definitely try it on Tillie's dress next year.  (Tillie's pose makes it look puckery in the front.  It's not.)

Tim ended up having his cousin in the exchange.  I saw this on Pinterest last winter and knew that it would be a great thing for Tim to make for Christmas.  Tim changed up the name and made the categories more "campy".  I think it turned out awesome.  I want a lawn Yahtzee set now.  (Also, I wanted to paint the dots, but Tim didn't.  He also didn't have time for that.)

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