Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clothing Storage

I had a e-mail recently asking me about how I store my kids' clothes.  I kind of love organizing clothes.  I know it's ridiculous, but I'm super-excited to switch out the closets soon and get everything in it's correct bin.

Teddy's storage is pretty much the same as Tillie's was in this post.  Tillie has more clothes and more space to organize it.  It's fun.  The clothes she wears currently are in her dressers.

The only drawers that are full are the socks(I know, weird, since she doesn't really like socks) and long-sleeved tees(Also weird, since she doesn't like long sleeves and makes me roll them.)

Yeah, her underwear drawer is a little large, but it used to hold pull-ups too.  I needed it to be a place where she could get them out, hence the low drawer.  The random room storage drawer is things like the extention cord for her Christmas tree and and more drawer liner paper.  When/If she and Teddy ever share a room this will be his dresser.  It won't be too hard to get all of her clothes into the other dresser.

I do a lot of shopping ahead for my kids via garage sales, after season clearance, goodwill, facebook, etc.  I store Tillie's in Rubbermaid bins in her closet.

Her baby box has things like her coming home outfit, baptism gown, baby book, 1st Matilda Jane dress, birthday outfits I've made and birthday cards.

The buy-aheads always start out sorted by season, but by the time they make it in the attic they're just labeled by size because the seasons get mixed up. Her 3t bin from last summer(and a few things added after Christmas) is in the attic.  The 3t bin that's in her closet is things that she might wear again this spring/early summer and things that I've pulled for storage(snowmen and penguins).

Before this year her feet grew much faster, so I thought that last summer she would wear size 8 and this past winter she'd wear size 9.  That was so wrong.  She's just starting to be able to wear size 8, but nearly all of her 7s still fit too. So, we have a surplus of shoes in the sizes to come. I've stopped buying shoes ahead, unless they're Saltwaters on a super-deal.

There's a shelf above her hanging clothes that's mostly under-utilized and is for storing things I don't want her and her brother to get into.  There's one smaller bin that matches the others in her closet.  I put clothes that are a different size that needs to go into attic storage there.  (There's a couple 2t dresses that she re-wore this winter. I want to make sure they go back in the 2t bucket and not stuffed in the 3t one.)

Let me know if you have any questions.

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