Friday, March 8, 2013


I'm in the process of updating a little bit of the decor in Teddy's room so it's less "nursery" and more "Teddy's room."  It's nothing major, but I'm excited about a few switches.  The only thing we did when he was born was hang his name on the wall.  Everything else stayed the same!  (Even the baby picture of Tillie on the wall.  As of today it's finally Ted.)

I didn't have any big plans for the bookcase, but it just wasn't looking good.  Books were tumbling all over and thrown on it willy-nilly.  I decided to sort it by color.  I know it won't stay this way for more than 3 hours, but it was cute when I did it!

Tillie thought it was great that there was a rainbow that matched her and Aggie's dresses today.  She helped me find more books from other rooms in the colors we needed too.

(As soon as I pulled the rainbow dress out for her she said, "Aggie can match me today!  And ran to the doll clothes bin to fine Aggie's dress.)

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Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

Ha, Jamie's room was the same. Meg's baby portrait was hanging on the wall until he was about 6 months old.

I love a rainbow bookshelf more than I can express. It makes me so happy.