Monday, August 9, 2010

Nursery Storage and Organization - Clothes

I thought about cleaning Tillie's room and then taking some pictures about how I organize her clothes.  It rarely stays more than 2 days in perfect organization/folding. So I just took pictures last week when Laura asked for a post about it.

Tillie doesn't have a large closet in her room.  She also doesn't have a dresser.  She does, however, have a lot of clothes in various sizes.  I'm a big believer in buying clothes on sale ahead of time.  It does pose a small storage problem though.

I don't have a picture, but all of Tillie's hanging clothes are arranged by size/season in her closet.  Right now there are 12-18m, 18-24m and some 2t in there.  The 12-18m is what she wears right now so I have that hung right in the doorway where it's easily accessible.  I have three shelves below her hang bar.  On it I have four white metal bins from Target.  One is socks, one is babylegs and tights, one is shoes in bigger sizes than she wears right now and one is all the diaper covers from various outfits.  I find it handy to have these separate because occasionally I have a skirt or dress that didn't come with one.  This way it's easy to find one that matches.

All of Tillie's other clothes are kept in the same metal bins on the bottom shelf of Tillie's changing table.

As you can see, she has entirely too much clothes in size 12-18m.  I kind of went overboard at garage sales this year... The first bin is the nicer clothes -- for going out, errands, etc.  The middle bin is play clothes and the last bin is pajamas.  I have to Rubbermaid tubs that fit perfectly under the table.  They are clothes in 12-18 months that are more suited for fall.  Most of her 12-18m is summer.  I hope we hit a growth spurt soon!  The purple basket is for her dirty laundry.  The bins looked a lot neater when she didn't have so many outfits.

One oft overlooked storage space is under the crib.  It's the perfect place to store clothes that are too big for her yet.
These Rubbermaid tubs fit perfectly under her crib.  I have them labeled by size.  Whenever I find a sweet deal at a shop I put it in the tub when I get home.  (Okay, that's a lie.  I throw it in a pile in the closet and have a pile sorting "party" about once a month.)  Tillie has been very typical in her growth, so I haven't had any problem in predicting what size she will be wearing in a given season.

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Cara & Jeff said...

woohoo! I love posts like these because they'll definitely help me out in the long run too!