Tuesday, August 10, 2010

15 Months

Tillie had her 15 month check-up today.
On her 15 month "birthday"

Tim came to the appointment today.  On the way there, we made guesses as to what her stats would be.

Baby girl is tall.  32.25 inches.  That's 95% for height.  Tim guessed her height correctly/
She weighs 22 lbs 4oz.  That's 25-50% for weight.  I guessed her weight correctly.
Her head is 18 inches around.  That's 50%.  We didn't make guesses about that one.
She got two vaccinations.  It was completely unfair because she didn't even cry for the first one.  She did cry for the second, but it wasn't near what she usually does.  I wanted Tim to see what we had to go through.  Apparently Tim holding her hands and me distracting her with the pacifier and blanket is a great option.  Too bad he can't come to all her appointments.

They're a little concerned that she's not walking yet.  I'm not, because I've seen the progress she's made and how steady she is when she stands alone.  She's just cautious, like Tim.

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