Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Remarkable Dinner

Today we had chicken, rice, green beans and garlic bread for dinner.  Green beans are a huge hit around here with both kids asking for seconds, every time.

Except for today.  Teddy ate probably three beans.  One of them was eaten raw while I was making dinner. He did end up eating some rice off my fork by the end of the meal and finished off the strawberries I had in the fridge.

Tillie?  She ate two helpings of "Grandpa's beans" like normal.  The remarkable part?  She. Ate. Rice.  I know, it was the crappy full of sodium packet of rice, but still.  This is good for her; she's a pretty picky eater.  Thankfully, the things she will eat are fruits and vegetables.  Maybe chicken flavored rice will be a small step to eating actual chicken.

I'd like to thank Costco for giving out samples of rice and quinoa last month.  Tillie took it even though I was sure she'd hand it over to me.  She happy ate every last bite off that tiny spork proclaiming, "Mmm, yummy!" the entire time.  I convinced her to try the rice today because it was like what she had there.  I might just pick it up at Costco next time.  I didn't think she'd actually eat it at home.

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