Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Tree Tradition

Today was Christmas Tree Day!  We always go to Prince Tree Farm.  Great prices, friendly service.  I love it there.

Tillie thought walking through the farm was awesome.  She kept saying things like, "Yay, Christmas!"  Of course, Christmas sounds like "Kissmas" when she says it.

This year's tree is a Serbian Spruce.  When Tim set it up in the living room Tillie looked at it and said, "Thank you, Daddy."

After our tree is tied to the roof, we head to downtown Holland for dinner at New Holland Brewing Co.  They have the best kid menu option ever.  It's just called "Kid's Plate" and has apple slices, raisins, cheese, pepperoni, carrots, celery and a drink. That is exactly how my kid eats.  Why don't more restaurants have options like this?

The reason we had dinner in Holland?  Sinterklaas!  We love the Sinterklaas "parade".  It's just a bell ringer and Sinterklaas on a white horse.  Mostly we go so Tim can sing in Dutch without it being weird.

At home I gave the kids their new Christmas pajamas.  I think someone was tired after a long night.


stefiny said...

That is an awesome photo of you, Amber. I never thought I'd use this phrase, but it applies: yummy mummy! (I'm cringing even typing it, but seriously. You look great!)

Amber Lynn said...

Thanks Steph!