Friday, October 21, 2011

Breastfeeding This Time Around

Breastfeeding with Tillie didn't go very well.  I went into it this time figuring it would be the same, but still wanted to give breastfeeding a shot because, hey, formula is expensive.

For the first week I just breastfed on demand(and still are).  Teddy didn't have screaming fits in the evening, so I figured he must be getting enough.  I was pretty surprised at his one week check-up when he was 3oz over his birth weight already.  Tillie wasn't even back to her birth weight at 2 weeks.

I never bought one of the fancy electric pumps because I wasn't working enough to justify the purchase.  I still have the Avent Isis manual pump I bought when I was pregnant with Tillie.  It didn't work for me then and it doesn't work for me now.  It has good reviews, so I don't know why I get nothing when I use it.  It's still not worth buying an electric pump.

Teddy tends to cluster feed every couple of hours, chills out staring at the wall for a little and then sleeps for a while.  (Sometimes.  He really had not much of a schedule.  Not that I would expect him to at 2.5 weeks.)  At night this gets a little old.  I really enjoy reading in a bath at night.  Teddy just wasn't letting me do it.  So, I decided that we should start giving him 1oz of formula just so I could get a break.  Also, I didn't want him to be a kid who would never take a bottle.  That was me as a baby and I know it was frustrating for my parents from stories I've heard.

It was a little bit of a fight the first few days.  When we finally got him to take a bottle, he would only take it from me.  I know, weird kid.  Finally this week Tim has been able to give him a bottle and it's lovely.  I don't get a long bath, but at least I was able to finish The Hunger Games this week!


Cohrs Compilations said...

Congrats on breastfeeding going better! You are smart to start a bottle earlier too. I should have tried that much sooner because it had me stressed and worried if he didn't take it. i have been listening to a book aloud on the ipad while nursing. not sure how i'd ever have the time to read one right now so you are doing awesome!

Paralegal Mom said...

you can use my electric if you want one!