Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All Kinds of Baby Food

Tillie is a formula fed baby.

Did I intend for it to be this way? No, I planned to breastfeed for at least 6 months, most likely 12. I was going to for a number of reasons. I believe in the benefits of breast milk and it's a heck of a lot cheaper.

I had supply issues that made that not possible. I started supplementing with as little formula I could so that she would still get as much breast milk as possible. Thankfully, she took to a bottle with formula right off the bat. By 3.5 months, I was sick of fighting with my lame milk producing breasts. As of today, she gets one breastfeed a day, but I question how much she actually gets from that.

Unfortunately, I feel like I have to justify why I give her formula instead of breastmilk. I felt bad enough already, I didn't need other people making me feel worse. I've gotten over feeling bad, because, look at this kid. She's happy and well fed.

When she was only getting breast milk, she wasn't happy. She was hungry.

I had big plans when I was pregnant to wait until 6 months for solids. Why introduce something else when she was eating the world's perfect food for her? So hey, I'm already ruining her with formula, why not give her rice cereal at a little over 4 months. At 4.5 months, we've added carrots into the mix. She loves it.


I don't feel bad, because my baby is happy. And, she sleeps 12 hours every night. But, there are a lot of people out there like me, so don't shame anyone who uses formula.


Christie C. said...

I could've written this post almost word for word. Sunday morning was my last time BFing DD, we officially went to all formula yesterday (I also had supply issues, among other reasons). All that matters to me is that DD is happy, healthy & well fed :) Thank you for this, it has encouraged me not to be shy about my choice of switching to formula.

Rebecca: said...

Good for you Amber...sometimes we are just not doing what we thought we would be doing...and after the fact, we realize that it is all OK. Asha is well fed, mostly happy and sleeping through the night. What more could I want.

Esther said...

You are a great Mom, Amber! No apologies are necessary. You both have already had great benefits from the breastfeeding, and you are both healthy. Praise God for good health! And just keep enjoying Tillie!

Anonymous said...

You are an AWESOME mom Amber-Lynn!!! I breastfed Mykaela till she was 12 months. I had tons of milk. But when I had Colton, I could barely get it out. Was production of my milk controlled by me? No. I can't help what my body is able to do, or not do. I had to supplement with Colton too as he would be starved if he just relied on my breast milk.

Becky - Stampin in the Tulip City said...

Hi Amber,
This sounds just like me with Henry. He is now 6 years old and is still super skinny, even though he eats like a horse! Once we made the switch to all formula he was more satisfied and a very happy baby. Your doing great with Tillie!

Becky said...

As a mom, you do what is best for your kid. It sounds like you are doing what is best. You don't need to justify anything. You go girl! Both Henry and I were formula fed babies and (most) people say that we turned out OK.

st. mary's 7 said...

You don't ever have to explain yourself. And I know the attitude you may be running into. There's nothing wrong with doing what makes sense for you and your baby. Tillie looks very healthy and VERY happy!

Miranda said...

Don't ever feel bad. Dakotah was 100% formula fed. Kaelyn was fed the same as Tillie. She was BF for like 2-3 months and then it started with 1 formula bottle here and there then another and she was a formula fed baby. So far Zoey's been my easiest one. It's taken 2 kids before her to get to this point. Dakotah & Kaelyn are happy healthy kids. Don't let anyone make you feel like you have to defend why you made a decision. You would only do what's best for Tillie. No one can say anything negative about that.

Debi said...

My oldest 2 were totally formula feed, Serenity only had breast milk for 2 weeks, and Wilow, I am having the same issues with low milk supply. I know how you feel. But Tillie looks so happy and healthy and you are not as stressed out. That is what is important.