Monday, May 25, 2009

It give milk and cookies a whole new meaning.

At Tillie's two week doctor's check-up we discovered that she'd only gained 1 oz since she left the hospital. The doctor recommended that I supplement with formula every other feeding and do things to increase my milk supply.

I went out that day and bought Fenugreek. It's an herb that boosts milk supply, but also makes you smell like maple syrup. Sadly(?), I haven't been smelling like pancakes like I was told I would.

Tillie, however, was thriving on her new addition. After a few feeds with formula, she was back to her birth weight on Saturday!

I was talking to my online friends and was recommended a cookie recipe. This oatmeal cookie recipe has been used by many to increase milk production. So, I spent my holiday making Lactation Cookies.


Well see if this helps!


Toby and Laura said...

Yum! Lactation cookies! Sounds delicious?

Hope said...

This is fascinating...and funny. :)