Sunday, August 7, 2011

Homecoming Outfits!

Want to know what this little baby will be wearing on their way home from the hospital?

Boy Outfit:
Organic kimono bodysuit, leggings and hat from the Forest Fun line by Zutano
I bought the bodysuit from Snapdragon last winter when we were trying to get pregnant.  I had a sweet coupon and it had squirrels on it.  Win.  I forgot about it until a few weeks ago when we were at Tip Toes and saw it with matching blue pants and cap.  I intended to go back when they had a sale and buy the blue, but then found a great sale on Amazon for the cocoa.  With the cocoa it will work okay for a girl too.

Girl Outfit:
Cuddly Lamb one-piece by Gymboree and Cocoa hat by Zutano
I found this outfit for $4 during Gymboree's Red Balloon Sale.  I was planning on getting a purple knit hat, but they were all so expensive.  I didn't want to spend $18 on a hat that I might not need if I had a boy.  When I found the cocoa hat to the match the boy outfit I was hopeful that it would match the girl outfit too.  It's super-close to the color of the lambs face.

Both of the outfits are newborn/up to 7lbs size.  Tillie's coming home outfit was 0-3 months and her pants literally fell off her when I picked her up.  Now, this kid will probably be huge and I'll have to send my mom out to get something bigger.
I bought this blanket because Saranoni was having a sale and it was gender-neutral.  Plus, the brown won't show dirt!  After I got it out with both outfits I realized it all matched well too.  This baby is so coordinated already.


Cara & Jeff said...

What blanket?

Amber Lynn said...

It's hanging on the clothesline behind the clothes. :)

Cara & Jeff said...

Ahhh, missed it. Just thought it was the darkness outside! It's super cute!