Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Current Words and Signs - 20 months

I thought a little update of Tillie's vocabulary would be nice.

New words since 17.5 months:

Out - She said this when she's wants to get out of the stroller or highchair
Wow - This is usually reserved for the Christmas tree.  It's generally whispered as "Oh, wow!"
Woof - When we see a dog, naturally.
Thank You - She says this when I hand her things.  It sounds more like "Gang-goo!"
Here You Go - She will hand things to me and then say this.  It sounds like "Ear-a-go!"
Hot - Trees, coffee and ovens are all hot and she will tell you.
Meow - Her kitty stuffed animal likes to meow.  It sounds like "Mmm  Mmm."
Tickle - It sounds a lot more like "ticka-ticka-ticka", but that's because that's what I say when I tickle her.
Moo - She thinks cows are funny.
Bye - Kizie was the first person she said this too.  Guess who was excited about that?!
See Ya - This is her farewell of choice.
Tree - She loves to point out Christmas 'tees'.

New signs since 17.5 months:

Hot - She must tell me any time she sees something hot.
Shoes - She tells me when I'm putting my shoes on.  Or when I'm putting her shoes on.  Just in case I didn't know.
Shaking Head Yes/No - She's very emphatic in her nods.  She always pauses to think about it first.  She has a very strong opinion when we're shopping.
Water - When she's drinking water she will tell us.
Bird - She first did this sign at Camp.  She loves to point out birds.
Bug - Such a cute sign.
Snow - She's been signing this a lot today.  It's not too surprising; it's a winter wonderland outside.

I'm sure she says other things, but I just don't understand them yet!  I'm also sure that I'm forgetting some things.

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