Saturday, December 11, 2010

For the Non-Facebookers.

Here's my dad's latest e-mail about my mom:

Lynn's surgery appeared to go very well.  The surgery lasted about 4.5 hours.  The resident who I talked to after the surgery told me Dr. Anderson, the primary neuro-surgeon, was relieved after the surgery and thought it went well.  Lynn does have numbness on her face and she is trying to adjust to this new sensation.  The numbness isn't great but is preferable to pain.  She is currently in quite a bit of pain from the incision and will need some time to determine if the shocks from the Trigeminal Neuralgia are gone.  She did eat some fruit salad just a few hours after the surgery.

Because she had two surgeries and has lost quite a bit of weight, we are concerned how long it will take her to start feeling stronger.  But we will take it one day at a time and hopefully her strength will return quickly.  We are not sure when we will be able to go home.  We will probably know more later today or Sunday.


duckcake said...

Amber-Lynn , I will pray for your mom's speedy recovery.

duckcake said...

Oh sorry, it's me...Adelaide. :)