Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafty Night

A few weeks ago I went to a craft fair with Kizie.  Being an 8 year old girl, she wanted to buy everything.  One thing she pointed out was a fleece blanket.  I replied that we could make one when Mom was in Chicago.  That night came last night.

We made a trip to Field's Fabric to choose from their tables upon tables of fleece.  I did have to steer Kizie away from the rainbow leopard print, and now we both love the patterns she chose.  I must not have looked very crafty because the clerk kept asking me if I was sure I knew how to make them and if I had sharp scissors.

When we got home I cut the fabric so that the two pieces were the same size.  After I cut out the corners, Kizie and I got to cutting the strips.

Then we had a lot of tying to do.  Kizie kept complaing about how much her back hurt during this.  Near the end she said, "Remind me to never make one of these again."

I do love the patterns we picked out.  I'm kind of jealous.

Kizie thinks it was worth it in the end.


Hope said...

I love Field's Fabric! My sister took me there this fall and they had way better deals and selection than either of the two proximal fabric stores here in Chicago.

Toby and Laura said...

Oh, very cute patterns! I'm glad she didn't choose the rainbow leopard print...