Monday, May 10, 2010

The one drawback.

As I've posted about before, I'm taking part in the I Am EveryWear Challenge.  Scandinavian Child/líllébaby sent me an EveryWear carrier to try, free of charge.  I've been using it quite often, especially at Tulip Time last week.

So, on Saturday we dressed Tillie up in her costume for one last chance to show off how cute she is in it.  We went to the marching band parade.  It was wicked cold and wicked windy.  We walked around enough for Tim to see the Holland High School Marching Band in their wooden shoes and buy an Elephant ear.  Since we were already in Holland and had some time to kill, we went to an antique store.

The EveryWear is perfect for antique shopping.  I didn't have to worry about crashing the stroller into priceless trash.  Tillie also enjoys the view.

And the opportunity to reach out and grab interesting floor lamps.  As you can see, this antique store has a very broad definition of "antique".  One booth considers VHS tapes to fit the bill.
And, yes Hope, I'm wearing my wooden shoes.  Tulip Time in Holland is about the only opportunity I get to wear them.  Not one person bats an eye when they see them.  And the EveryWear was still comfortable with me walking around with it and wooden shoes on.

Now, for the one drawback.  Tillie's dress was just exactly the right size, so I had her wear disposable diapers to the parade.  I figured this would buy me a little extra time in changing her too.

When you wear the EveryWhere carrier, the baby is right up against you.  This means when the diaper leaks, it leaks on to you.  This is the one drawback.

*ahem*  So, I quickly took her off, changed her diaper and wore my coat home with no shirt under it.  Tim didn't mind this at all.

So, the EveryWear is great for antiquing, as long as you change your baby's diaper in a timely fashion.

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Hope said...

Ah, I didn't realize it was Tulip Time in Holland--not just a shopping trip any old place. I wish I had *any* place/occasion to wear wooden shoes and people wouldn't bat an eye. Someday.