Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Second Tuesday in May.

The second Tuesday in May always meant one thing to me growing up.

Garage Sale Day!

It used to be a big deal in Moline.  Tables were borrowed from church, lunch was served in the basement of the library and the streets would be filled with cars.  My brothers and I would speedily get ready for school knowing we would walk with my mom, our backpacks in the wagon, stopping at garage sales along the way.  Sales started around 8a and school didn't start until 8:30 (or 9a?  I can't remember.  I think it switched in Middle School.)  My best friend Amanda always got to stay home at her mom and grandma's garage sales and I was always jealous.  I only got to do that once and it was to watch my baby cousins.

It's dwindled over the years, in fact, the library didn't sell any food today.  Not even a doughnut.  There weren't many garage sales today, but it was 44* and rainy.  Every garage sale I stopped at had people I recognized or knew me by name.  It's nice to go home.

Since it was raining, I dropped the Tillster off at my mom's to play.  I dressed her in an old outfit of Kizie's and she set off to explore the house without Kizie telling her to stop touching everything.  She had a great time.

I had my choice of clothes for Tillie because of the weather!  She has too many clothes for this summer, except for warm clothes.  If it's cold like last summer I'm going to need some more pants.  I found a lot of long sleeve tees for her.  I have a large Hallmark bag pretty full and I spent $6.15.  A lot of it is for a year or two from now.

But, the best deal of all?

I lust over these type of chairs where ever I see them -- yards, antique stores, photographs, Lowe's.  Ask Tim.  I'm sure it's no surprise to you all that I love retro things.

These two chairs?  $5 each.  The prices were kind of washed out because of the rain and it looked like they were marked $15 crossed out to $10 each.  I asked, "Are the chairs each $10?"

"Oh, you can have them both for $10."

"I'll be right back, I have to go get my mom's minivan!"

Garage sale-ing in the rain is awesome.


Hope said...

Second Tuesday in May--that's a great tradition.

Amanda said...

Before I got to my name in this post I was going to say how I REALLY loved garage sale day, because I got to stay home to 'help' all day at my Grandpa's sale. Then I seen my name, so I HAD to post!

A couple years ago I went to Moline and got some good deals on girls clothes at your mom's that used to be Kizie's clothes, now I bet you get 1st dibs! :)

Glad you got to go, I missed it this time since we went to IKEA, but we still had fun!