Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Last year spent my very first Mother's Day lying on my couch holding a 4 day old baby.  This year, we're making up for it.  After church this morning, we stopped at Target.  Then we went to my mom's for lunch.  Later tonight we're meeting Tim's family for dinner.  Hooray for parties.

I'll leave you with one random picture from yesterday.  But, you have to promise not to look at the way the EveryWear overemphasizes my belly fat.  The rest of the story will come later this week.

Did you promise?

Well, I don't really believe you, but I'll let you see this picture anyway.
p.s. I've joined another blog list -- feel free to vote on both of them! ;)  The new link is the box right under the old one on the right sidebar.


Hope said...

Are those wooden shoes I see on your the *store*!?! :)

Amber Lynn said...

Of course! We were in Holland for Tulip Time.

Laura said...

i didn't notice the belly until you pointed it out. happy mother's day!