Saturday, January 30, 2010

For Steph

My friend Stephanie is doing an awesome thing in donating her hair for Locks of Love.  I completely admire her for this because I know I could never do it.

However, someone very close to me has.


Kizie decided when she was 4 that she wanted to "give her hair to a sick little girl".

So, we did.


She looked a lot more like Dora after her haircut.


But, she found that accessorizing was really fun with her new hair.


And, after it grew out a little, was great for making emo bangs.


She found short hair to be a very fashionable option for her.


Good luck Steph!


Toby and Laura said...

So cute! She is such a ham :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Amber!!
Ush is much more on board, now that I've told him more about Locks of Love and how they operate.
Looking forward to it now.
And I normally always forget to do before and after photos, but I definitely won't forget on this occasion!