Sunday, January 31, 2010

My husband is a nerd.

He wanted to show everyone this picture of our nuclear family.
I know.

But, we did have a marvelous time in Michigan City with Laura, Toby, Robin, Jason and Colin.
Colin and Tillie made friends at Gap when he shared his BabyGoldfish.  He even tried to share his grilled cheese with her at Chilli's.

By throwing it at her.

They took turns giving kisses goodbye.


I think they realized they didn't have any choice but to be friends.


Jason, Robin and Colin said...

So much fun! I'm sensing a submission to the Calvin Spark... former roomates visit nuclear power generator... :)

Becky - stampin' and sewin' in the tulip city said...

Cute pictures! It actually is not nuclear...just a cooling tower. When I was teaching in Indiana there were no nuclear power plants in the state. All my students thought of this thing and I had to find out about it.

Amber Lynn said...

Ah Becky, that is disappointing.

Hope said...

I love the nuclear family thing. :)

KatieKate said...

Please tell Tim that I loooooove the nuclear family photo. Absolutely hilarious to me :)