Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Puffs

Tillie has become a big fan of feeding herself and eating things that are more solid than pureed peas.

1) Baby Puffs.
Do you know what the serving size is on these things?


I don't think she's eaten 75 in the last week and a half.

She can pick them up.  But, she hasn't really figured out that she needs to let go to eat it.  She is, however, perfectly happy to let me place pieces in her mouth as she plays with the two on her tray.

2.) Bitter Biscuits

It's possible that she likes them.


Anonymous said...

You know, I think she DOES like them!! :) She sure has a lot to say about it! (ie: ADORABLE)

Amy Melissa said...

love the video! what a doll!

Cara & Jeff said...

those biter biscuits sure look good. she could be on a commercial for them she's so excited about them! If only they didn't make such a slimy mess when they are chewed up...also, I cannot believe that the serving is 75! good grief!

st. mary's 7 said...

This is hilarious. I too found the serving size on the puffs amazing. And you're lucky, when Jack was into the Biter Biscuits I couldn't find them anywhere. Now they are always fully stocked at Meijers!