Friday, January 8, 2010

Pink Days

Pink is my favorite color.  But, just because I have a girl, I didn't go overwhelmingly pink.  Her room is green.  Her carseat is blue and brown.  Her crib is yellow.  She rocks blue and green Hannas.

But, some days, you just need girly-girl outfits.

I put this "new-to-us" Robeez booties on her for the first time today.  They're still a little big, but she was a fan.

She's discovered sitting alone and playing with her toys during the last two weeks.  It's fun.  She just sits in whatever room I working in picking things up and babbling.  I try to take videos, but she always stops talking.  Cameras are fun to look at you know.


1 comment:

Cara & Jeff said...

Sounds like she and Alyssa could have some very interesting conversations! Somehow "daddababababmmmmm" doesn't quite cut it for me for the day! :)