Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've decided that next fall at a craft fair I'm going to try my hand at selling onesies.  I make a few every couple of weeks and hopefully by October/November I'll have enough to fill a booth.  If not?  Friends, I think you know what you'll be getting as baby gifts for the next few years.

The problem is, I need a name for them.  Anyone care to help?

1) I'd like the name to be available on gmail, blogger and etsy.
2) It should be easy to spell.
3) I don't really want it based on Tillie's name, because we plan to have other children someday.
4) My first thought was "LittleAcorns".  It's a little more "Tim" than "Amber".  But, I do love acorns now because of him.  It was taken.  It was almost named "LittlestAcorn", but someone without an etsy shop uses that id.
5) Nonsensical is better.  I kind of like the juxtaposition of two things that don't really belong together. 
6) CanaryBlue came to mind. once  But I don't want to use that, because it doesn't really mean anything to me.
7) Need visual inspiration?

So, any ideas?


Toby and Laura said...

I've been thinking about having an etsy shop too, but I can't think of a good name. I'll brainstorm for you.

And, maybe if I can get a bunch of flannel blankets sewn by then, I can share a booth with you!

Toby and Laura said...

What about:
Little Baby Lulu
Lulu Designs
Baby Lulu Love

Is that too obvious? Have you thought of those already?

Anonymous said...

maybe something like timber tops

Toby and Laura said...

Oh, I like Timber Tops!