Monday, November 23, 2009

My sister's style.

The Kiz is generally pretty fashionable for an (almost) 8 year old.  Some of that has to do with the fact that I shop for her a lot.  But, she's got such great coloring that bold things look great on her.  Along with everything else.

She recently outgrew a pair of calf hair leopard print ballet flats.  I was so jealous of these shoes.  (I did buy them for her, out of season from J. Crew for $12.)  It was weird, because I don't wear animal prints.  The beauty of leopard print shoes is that they don't match anything, so you can wear them with everything.  I didn't realize this until I saw Kizie wearing them everyday.
The Kiz looking fashionable in Michigan City, October 2008

I finally found a pair for me this spring at Macy's for $40. (Link) I love them.  I wear them all the time.  

Last year when I was pregnant I needed a shoe with ridiculous support.  They tend to be expensive, so I had one pair and I literally wore them every day that winter.  When spring came, I bought a pair of sandals and wore them everyday.  I'm really enjoying slipping into a different pair of ballet flats every day .

What are your favorite pair of shoes?


MarjnHomer said...

i love flats during the summer n flowery sandals

Hope said...

A little pair of wine-color velvet ballet flats with a strap that I found for $1.25 at the thrift store. But if I'm walking around a lot, one of my pairs of Earth shoes. Or if I have a really good occasion, a pair of gold/red/brown Indian slipper shoes where the toes curl up.

Mama Bear said...

she is a doll!

kelsimad said...

my brown velvet, pink satin inside, low-top converse. thrifted them for $4 bucks and fell in love immediately.

she is such a doll.

Elizabeth said...

What a love she is! Nothing beats a great pair of flats. I have a sequined pair I wore more often than I probably should-- and close second would be my black patent leather, ruffly pointed toed ones.

Thanks for this great post!