Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

Yes, I saw the movie today.  Yes, I loved it.  Last winter I was making fun of people who were obsessed with the books.  Tim and I enjoyed saying, "Edward Cullen is the perfect man. *swoon*" in response to any number of things.

Then in May, we decided to rent the movie because there was nothing else at the video store and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  We spent the first half making fun of the acting.  (You have to admit, it's not the best.)  Then, I got caught up in the story.  The rest is history.

My conclusion from this movie?  Edward Cullen may be the perfect man, but Jacob Black is more attractive.

Erm, that's creepy.  He's 17...

I think I need some more sleep.


The Rogozinski's said...

I have yet to succumb to all the Hype of the Twilight series. A friend keeps bugging me to read the books so perhaps I will do at least that much soon :)

*this comment brought to you courtesy of IComLeavWe! Spead the Love :)*

Toby and Laura said...

Your conclusion is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Lol!! Yeah, get some help. My sister is having a hard time getting over the fact that Jacob was Sharkboy a couple of years ago.

The books were entertaining but that's about as far as my good review would go. Honestly the whole story revolves around a bit too much co-dependency.

The first movie was disappointing but I'm sure I'll see the second. It's just one of those things, I read the books so I have to see what they do with all the movies.

Anonymous said...

I'm team Edward all the way, but Jacob is certainly some nice eye candy! lol

I've read some other posts on your blog and I've just got to say that your sister and daughter are WAY cute! I have siblings who are much younger than me, as well, and it's so fun!

Happy ICLW!

Zelda said...

yeah, nothing like lusting over a teen wolf.

that acting..gah. good thing they are all pretty!