Saturday, March 14, 2009

sweet deals, again

I got a coupon in the mail last week for $10 off a purchase of $10 or more at Macy's. I got really crafty while shopping. I was looking around, and had a few gender neutral options in my hand. But, I realized that somehow most of the clothes I've ended up with are girl clothes. I made my way to the boy section and found this little outfit.

It was on the $4.99 rack, with 50% off. $2.49? Yes, I'm getting that. It's a 6-12 month.

Then I found this little footed one-piece. It was in the boy section, but I would totally let either gender wear this -- especially at camp! Frogs, turtles, snails and ducks? Too cute!

My grand total after the coupon? 50 cents.

p.s. Check out the guess on the LuLu game -- they're fun!

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Cara said...

those outfits are adorable!