Sunday, March 15, 2009

31 weeks

After church today, I was looking at the laundry pile(clean!) for something to wear besides my dress. I spotted my pink tee and yellow tank. Oh, that was cute the last time I wore it. After I uploaded today's picture, I realized it looked cute last week Sunday. Luckily, I save my pictures with the week number, so I'll know which are which!



Two more months and I should have a baby. How crazy is that?!

Last night was our first shower. It was wonderful! Lucas and Faith threw a joint shower for us and Matt and Michelle. We all had a great time, and LuLu has a few more things. This baby is taking over the house!


Elise said...

So cute! I am so excited for you guys that you don't know what you're having. It's so fun! Oh, the's so worth it!

Margaret Foster said...

I can't believe how far along you are:) so exciting. how's the baby room coming?