Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Monitor

At our shower on Saturday night, we received a baby monitor. This one to be precise. A pretty good range is not necessary for our house, but it is for camp.

We got it out last night and charged the batteries. Today after work I set the baby part next to a ticking kitchen timer and took the parent part with me on a walk to see how far it could reach. I can almost make it to the corner of Arden and Byron Center. Pretty sweet. We're excited. (Well, Tim wanted it to reach Rich's so he could go there when the baby was sleeping. I told him that wasn't allowed anyway.)

Other sweet news of the day: Tim fixed the dryer! It was making really loud thumping sounds, which I was pretty sure wasn't right. Two trips to Sears by me and an hour of Tim tinkering and I have a dryer that sounds like new! (Okay, like it sounded years ago. I'm pretty sure the ones they sell now are quieter. But, mine came with the house!)

Wow. I'm a boring grown-up...

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