Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm so annoyed.

Last week I had a really bad day. On Wednesday I decided to have a sub from Subway in Woodland Mall. This is a pretty big deal, because three years earlier an employee working there was extremely rude to me, so I made a personal boycott of that location.

I like my bacon really crispy, and they don't seem to leave it in the microwave long enough at most stores, so I ask for the bacon on the side and heat it up when I get to work/home. I came up with this genius plan last fall and have done it probably once a month since then at various locations across the city.

On Wednesday when I did this, the man a Subway told me he couldn't do that. I looked at him quizzically and told him that I get it all the time. He then laughed and said "Where? Who?" I told him I didn't know who at that location. He just kept looking at me with a smirk, so I just turned around and found a seat in the food court where I proceeded to cry for the next 20 minutes. (Hey, shut up! I was 6.5 months pregnant at the time and that was the only thing that sounded good to eat.

I managed to compose myself and went and bought a pretzel for lunch. Mmm. Nutritious!

Back at the crew, I went to Subway's website and filled out a customer comment on the incident.

Today I got a letter in the mail from the owner of Subway Woodland. They are sorry for my experience but they follow Subway's food handling policy which states bacon must be heated before being served to a customer. A photocopy of the page was included for me.

Okay, that I can understand. But, do you think the guy could have stated that this was there policy instead of LAUGHING AT ME? And, why does every other Subway I've been to in my life ask me "Do you want you bacon heated?"

The point is, the guy who works at the Subway in Woodland is a jerk(among other words I don't feel I should put on my blogger...) and I will NEVER be back to that location. The letter makes it seem like I did everything wrong by asking for my bacon unheated -- but the guy laughed at me. I still can't get over it.

Also note: It's not just me. Katie had gotten in line at Subway before me that day, saw that this guy was working and immediately left the line. He wouldn't serve her breakfast one day because it was 11:00:30 -- on his clock. On cellphones it was still before 11.

p.s. It's a good thing I don't have a doctor's appointment today. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure would be too high...


Toby and Laura said...

Arg! I can't believe the photocopied the pages for you! They must all be jerks at that Subway. I'll boycott from now own too!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Amber, I would have cried too, and I'm not 6.5 months pregnant. Or ANY length of time pregnant!

Jason, Robin and Colin said...

Isn't the bacon pre-cooked? Why would they have to heat it before serving? Weird... and what ever happened to the customer's always right mentality!?

Anonymous said...

I read a blog called Girl's Gone Child (http://www.girlsgonechild.net/) and she also blogs at babble.com, and I recently read a post of hers that I thought you might like..

The photos of her little girl, Fable, are just precious. She dresses her in all these adorable outfits. Which of course made me think of you!
Hope you enjoy :) xo!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! You can't see the whole link! Hmm, Well, if you just go to her main blog, you can get to it from there :) She links it in one of her more recent posts.