Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Shopping

This afternoon during nap time Tillie and I went to the mall by ourselves so she could pick out a new school outfit.  I told her we could go to H&M, Gap and J. Crew but if we didn't find anything we could go to the consignment shop in Ada to get a Matilda Jane dress.  (I was kind of hoping she'd vote for the consignment shop...)

We walked into H&M and she immediately picked out this dress.

I had told her she could pick whatever she liked, but since I liked this pattern better I wanted her to at least try it on.

I still liked the plum dress better, but she still liked the stripe so that's what we bought. She said she didn't even need to go to any other stores!

We still walked through Gap and J. Crew, but the only other thing we bought was a cake pop.

Also, the Starbucks barista still remembers my name and I haven't worked in the mall for nearly 2 years!

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