Sunday, August 17, 2014

4 Months

Bitty Bea is 4 months old!  Here's what she's up to:

Sleep:  I'm going to shoot myself in the foot with this, because every and any time I talk about a possible schedule Bea may or not have it goes to pot.  Eh, the 4 month sleep regression is bound to start soon anyway, so what the heck.  She goes to bed between 8:30-10:30 at night.  Usually it's closer to 9:30-10.  She tends to wake up once in the night around 3ish to eat 4oz.  She's usually awake from 30-60 minutes.  Tim and I take turns doing that.  (I am SO not ready for school to start in that regard!)  He says I get her back to sleep faster, and that may be true.  She tends to get up for the day around 7, sometimes sooner, occasionally later.  She probably takes 4 naps a day, but they're not too predictable.  She usually has one around 9, but that's the only one I could tell you.

Food: All formula and she takes 4-5oz at a time. We have one small liner(Playtex Drop-Ins) left, so I'm going to try moving up to 5-6oz bottles and hopefully giving them less often.  Until a week ago she was taking 5 bottles a day, but recently she added an extra one before bed.  We might start oatmeal this month.  It still seems like too much work at this point.

Play:  She constantly has her hands, blanket or clothes in her mouth, unless she has a pacifier.  She adores her siblings and loves it when the dance for her or tell her stories.  I made a Pandora channel of music for her that always calms her down.  She seems to like music more than Tillie and Teddy did, which is something because they both enjoyed it too.  She squeals, laughs and "talks" a lot.  Til and Ted always want me to interpret what she's "said".  We got the excersaucer out and she likes being up and able to see the room better.  I think in a few weeks we'll get the Jumperoo out.  I suspect she'll love it.  She continues to have the best smiles in the world and loves her muslin swaddle blankies

Size:  We had her 4 month appointment on Friday, so I know she's 14lbs 3.5oz(53%).  That's about a pound bigger than Tillie was at this age and half a pound bigger than Ted.  It's crazy to me that she's still only in the 53rd percentile, because she seems HUGE to me.  She's 24.25"(43%), which is about an inch shorter than other two were, that probably adds to making her seem bigger.  She can still wear 0-3m clothes though.  I've just started pulling out some 3-6m clothes and they fit okay.  She's in size 2 diapers and all her shoes are still to big -- even the size 1!  Tim and I think we can see the beginning of a tooth under her gums, which seems so early, but her hand chewing makes sense with that.  Her hair is still dark, but may be slightly lighter.  It's hard to tell because it's a bit fluffier.  Her eyes are still blue.

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