Friday, April 4, 2014

Tillie and Teddy's Room To Do List

This is a work in progress.  I hope to have the "big" items done by August, but I know it will be awhile until everything is completed to my liking.
  • Making bunting
  • Hang bunting  - Move placement?
  • Buy/Switch out knobs on Ted's dresser
  • Move all Ted's clothes to the room
  • Find new non-pink rug
  • Buy Chase Your Dreams artwork
  • Make Ted's silhouette (at age 3)
  • Hang art print and silhouette
  • Move Tillie's art prints
  • Get bunk beds
  • Buy Teddy new sheets and a pillow
  • Sew Teddy's book sling
  • Move Tillie's book sling
  • Make/Find "shelf" for Tillie's top bunk
  • Switch out bottom row of baker's string to blue
  • Switch out items on shelves
  • Buy/Add coat hook for Ted

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