Monday, March 31, 2014

36 Weeks

Tomorrow is April!  Woohoo for due date month! I knocked a lot off my "Before Baby" list this week, which feels nice.  Out of the 4 things left, the book sling probably won't get done, unless the weather is spectacularly crappy during Spring Break and I get bored.  I think I'd rather make Tillie a new skirt though.

Yay, fake smile!  Hopefully only a few more of these pictures.  I've resorted to making Tillie or Ted stand behind Tim making funny faces so I can smile at them.  It still didn't work this time.

Tomorrow is my appointment and I'll be at one week appointments after this.  Now it finally feels like we're getting close.  I'm ready(not that I want her to come at 36 weeks!), but Tim would like some more time to work on his writing project.

Tonight we took Tillie to a Sibling Class at the hospital.  It was cute.  They learned a little bit about babies and got to see a hospital room.  Teddy wasn't old enough, so he stayed with Grandma and Kizie.

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