Monday, March 24, 2014

35 Weeks

35 weeks down, 35 days until my due date!  If this girl is like Tillie(*fingers crossed?*) she'll be here in 3.5 weeks.  If she's like Ted, 4.5 weeks.  If she's going on her own trail it could be anywhere from 2(yikes, I'll pass on that) or 6-7(yikes, I'll pass on 2 weeks overdue as well.) weeks.  When do you think she'll come?  Enter your guesses HERE!  The prize is that I'll forever remember you as the winner.  I mean, who wouldn't want that?

I've been making some good progress on my "Before Baby List".  My bag is half packed and I have one shirt for Tim.  I have one more freezer meal I'd like to make and then I'll just pick up frozen pizzas, mac n cheese, etc.  Tim can also make some meals, so we'll be good.  I also placed a large order of sandwiches from Kizie's CalvinettesGems sale, so I'll have those for easy lunches for me while breastfeeding, if I can get them in the freezer before I try to eat them all now...  It's only a little over a month after my due date that we move to Camp, so I won't have to make food when I'm there.

As of last week I've gained 25lbs.  I don't have an appointment again until April 1, but I'm already thinking that will go up a bit.  I feel rather large lately and EVERYTHING sounds good to eat.  I'm just very hopeful that breastfeeding/weight loss will go easily after this on like it did after Ted.  If not?  Well, I have a lot of yoga waistband skirts for summer. ;)  She's still head down-ish, but I know she moves a bit from that because of where I feel hiccups.  She's definitely still high and floating around, but I'm not worried about her being breech because I'm pretty sure her head is always in the bottom half.

I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea yesterday.  Tim keeps making fun of it because the box says is "Supports the Female System".  It doesn't taste that bad(it's not raspberry flavored as it's made from the leaves instead of the fruit) so I figure it can't hurt.  It's not suppose to put me into labor early, but supposedly helps make labor more effective by strengthening the uterus.  So, when I'm drinking tea I can say I'm exercising.  Totally counts.

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