Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Sister's Nursery

We haven't done any work on this as Ted is still using the room, but I think I made some decisions about what direction we're going.  The "theme" will be nature, but more pretty/bunny nature than Ted's explorer/camp nature room.  (This was Karissa's idea.  Thank you!  I think it's what I wanted to do, but wanted her to have her own "theme".)

Here's a really crappy polyvore of what we're planning.  No, her name will not be Harper, but once she's here and we decide we'll hang her name on a branch like that.  I also plan on making the "You Are My Sunshine" wall art.  The only things I'm hoping to purchase are a bin/basket for blankets and a 5x7 art print for on one of the shelves.  I'll be in Chicago this summer so I'll check the Land of Nod Outlet then for a bin/basket as there are a couple I like on their website.  I'm undecided on the art print, but this one by trafalgarssquare on Etsy is a strong contender.  I'll be watching for a coupon code or Zulily sale.

This picture makes it seem like it will be pink-pink-pink, but with green walls/curtains, a yellow crib and a white changing table I think the pink will be balanced out.  (And hey, I had the rug and the changing pad was $2.61 on Amazon.  I'm going for as inexpensive as possible!)
BabyGirl Nursery

If you have any additional ideas or directions I should go in, let me know!


Jodi Minervino said...

Just precious. Have you decided on her name, or are you still deliberating?

Amber Leugs said...

We have a forerunner, but since we've never decided until they're born we want to wait to decide for sure. :)