Monday, February 17, 2014

30 Weeks

75% of my pregnancy is completed!  Woohoo!

You know how everyone says being pregnant in the summer sucks?  I liked it better.  Being pregnant in the winter means I'm even more terrified of being rear-ended or slipping on ice.  I can't have Teddy walk in to school or stores so I have to carry him.  Pushing shopping carts through slush is parking lots is hard.  I'd much rather wear dresses, skirts and tanks than layers of clothes.  I think wearing extra supportive shoes is important during pregnancy, but I really have no choice but to wear snow boots every day.

My children have given input on what they think her name should be.  Tillie's first suggestion was Sarah.  Since I have a niece named Sarah I think that's out.  Teddy oh-so-helpfully suggested FireTruck.  Tillie said that was a boy name and suggested Princess.  I think we're going to name her without their help.  (In my dorky name nerdiness I think it's interesting that Sarah means Princess and those are the only two things Tillie has come up with.)

Teddy wanted in on my pictures today.  He's getting a hair cut tomorrow so you'll actually be able to see his eyes again.

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