Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Photos, 2013

In January everyone was got bad colds.  Tillie even missed school for a week. Once everyone was better we played in the snow.

The kids played a lot of Lego in February.  Their collection of Duplo has grown so much that Teddy asked Tim for a Lego table today.

It was still snowy in March, but that didn't stop us from enjoying Miss Katie's farm.  Tillie helped collect eggs and was so proud.

In April there was crazy flooding in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.  We are very thankful that the location of our house is not in a floodplain.

Tillie turned 4 in May, but we also did other fun things like go to Tulip Time, take a field trip to the zoo and had friends over to grill.

Like happens every June, we moved to Camp for a couple months.  We also went to the zoo and saw turtles.  'Cause apparently we don't see enough of them in the nature center.  Tillie also did a photoshoot for a local company and the pictures for their spring line should be released in the next few days!

The best event of every July is the Dorr 4th of July parade.  I'm already sad that Tim will have to work at Camp next year during the parade and will miss it.  You'll never believe it, but Teddy liked the fire trucks.

I took the kids to Chicago in August to visit friends.  We had a lot of fun on a rainy day at a children's museum.

The second half of September brought many trips downtown to visit ArtPrize.  I'm so glad both of our kids love looking at all the entries.  It was a busy month with school, apple picking, wine tastings and a visit to the fair.

This picture is from September, but it's was taken for when we announced that I was pregnant in October.  We also celebrated Teddy's second birthday and dressed up for Halloween.

The snow started coming a little earlier than typical this year in November and hasn't stopped coming since.  Tillie and Teddy were enamored when it first started, but now they're not as excited.  Hopefully it warms up a little soon so we can do some more playing outside.

And December was full of festivities.  We got a tree, make Christmas cookies, went to parties, dressed in sparkly clothes, shoveled snow and more snow, ate candy and opened presents.  There even was a snow day for Til and Tim!

I hope you all had a great year.  I'm looking forward to all that 2014 will bring!

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