Monday, November 4, 2013

15 Weeks

I found this shirt online when I thought I might be pregnant.  Navy with dark coral-y red polka dots?  It was meant for me.  Of course, it was completely sold out online.  I found a blog post with a woman modeling it, so I pinned it to a secret "Pregnancy" board on pinterest.  I went to Chicago when I was 4.5 weeks pregnant.  What do you know but the Gap in Orland has maternity AND had this shirt in stock.  The best part?  It was 40% off.  Meant to be people.  I think it will fit better when I'm showing more, so don't be surprised if you get sick of me wearing it.  Ooh, and it perfectly matches my Sophie Peacoat sweater from J. Crew.  (And this one from ASOS, it's my other favorite right now.)

Anyway, 15 weeks.  Honestly, I'm not as tired, but I'm just as lazy.  Last week I was really afraid that the extreme exhaustion returned, but then I realized it was probably just a side effect of the flu shot I got on Tuesday.  All was well at my 14 week appointment.  Tillie and Teddy both got to hear the heartbeat, which was fun.  My weight gain from 8-14 weeks was 1.4lbs.  I never really keep track at home, so we'll just use the 8 week weigh-in as the starting point.  (Even though I'm sure there's at least 3lbs I should be counting...)  I really think I haven't been eating enough lately, so I've been trying harder to eat more often and better quality.  Some days are better than others.  Last week changed my vote to boy because nothing sounding good and never being hungry were symptoms I had with Ted.

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