Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome to Escanaba!

I've been spending part of the summer at Camp every year since 2008.  This is the first year where we are living some place we have already lived.  I'm happy about that.  I love this apartment.

I've rearranged nearly everything from how we had it last year, including switching bedrooms around.  We have a full size(ridiculously heavy!) couch this year, so it didn't fit where we had it last year.  I like this new set up a lot.

We still have a full size fridge!  Hello popscicles!  The floor looks ridiculously dirty, but those are really scrape marks from moving things like the world's heaviest wooden couch.

There was no shower curtain when we moved it, so I let Tillie pick one out at Target.  Thankfully she picked the same one I would have picked!

This year Tim and I have the back bedroom.  It's a hair bigger than the other rooms.

I wanted the extra space because I decided to take my sewing machine to Camp this year!  So far I've made Tillie a new Camp dress and a pair of ruffle pants.

Tillie has the other room off the living room, the same room she had last year.  I put her bed in a different location.  It gives her a better area for playing.  Tim had to repair the top bunk, but it's now all fixed for when Julie stays over.

My mom found this doll house at a consignment sale for a few dollars.  It's a great size for Tillie's Lalaloopsies!

The hallway to Ted's room is also the kitchen.

Teddy's room is bigger than his room at home.  It's weird to me to have a "nursery" with so much space!

He has the same dresser as last year, which is awesome because it makes a great changing table.

I had great plans to decorate their rooms more this year, but it hasn't happened yet.  I thought of another good idea today, so who knows what will happen in the next few weeks. If I do what I have in mind I'll be sure to post pictures.


AZPartyMamma said...

I love the bunting you put on Tillie's top bunk.

Hope said...

For a second I thought we might have the exact same sewing machine, but the model looks slightly different. Is yours a Kenmore? If so, WHAT type/size of bobbin does it take? I have never been able to figure it out (you'd think the manual would have this type of helpful information, but it doesn't!) I have bought the wrong type of bobbin too many times because I try to eyeball it. I only have one remaining bobbin that came with it that fits, and it makes switching thread really hard!
P.S. I am jealous you get to live at a camp during the summer. That's my dream. :)

Amber Leugs said...

Hmm, I'll have to check on the bobbin thing. It is a Kenmore, but it was my grandma's and it came with a bajillions bobbins so I haven't bought any.

Amber Leugs said...

My mom got the bunting at a dollar store last year!